Am I eligible ?

Eligibility Criteria is as follows ….

  1. A student or group of students should be in final year of bachelors Degree or first year of Masters Degree.
  2. Only students pursuing B.Tech, B.Des, M.Des, M.Tech are eligible.
  3. He/She/Group should be ready to take Masters in their respective fields.
  4.  In special cases rules can be Relaxed.

We always want to see that you have put in efforts to prepare your projects. It is essential that you display a sense of seriousness and keen to successfully deliver the projects that you are intended to carry out. Furthermore, you have to  demonstrate  that  you  are capable  of managing  the  projects until  they are fully  delivered. We are open to the innovative  and unique projects which will directly contribute to the society. Priority will be given to the Green Technology (Solar based, Wind Based, Water Based etc), Nano technology, Robotics, UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing Cloud Computing, Industrial Design, Transportation Design, Product design, Graphical and Digital Design, Game Designing and Development.